Somatics Institute

Somatics Institute

Vancouver - Monday and Thursday
Bowen Island - Tuesday and Friday (and occasional Wednesdays)

Call/text me at (778) 952-3757 if you'd like your appointment to be longer than one hour.

Choose a service to schedule

InHabit Somatic Centre on Bowen Island
Tuesdays and Fridays in Artisan Square, right opposite Artisan Eats at 566 Artisan Lane. Press the link above to access the scheduling calendar.
$100/hour. Appointments longer than an hour can be adjusted if you leave me a message in the booking window.
Chair Massage - $35 (call for appointment)
Call for appointments so I can fit you in.
Vancouver at Qi Integrated Health
Mondays and Thursdays at Qi Integrated Health, 1764 West 7th Avenue in Vancouver. Call them directly at (604) 742-8383 to book an appointment or book on line at

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(778) 952-3757